Chef Automate Release 0.5.432

We are delighted to announce release 0.5.432 of Chef Automate. The release is available for download from

GitHub Integration

This release includes general availability of the new enhanced GitHub integration. Projects integrated with GitHub using the previous version of the integration will no longer work until they are migrated. If you have not yet migrated your projects, please reference the migration guide for more details on moving projects to the new version. The new integration is described at

Note that initializing GitHub-integrated projects from delivery-cli requires use of ChefDK 0.19, also being released today.


Visibility now has a new set of tools to help with disk storage management! This set of tools is in beta, so it is deactivated by default, and we would love your feedback ( if you use it. These tools allow you to:

  • Set a retention period (in days) for visibility data to be stored on your disk
  • Automatically prune data that is older than your retention period, or
  • Automatically archive and then prune data that is older than your retention period to s3, or
  • Automatically archive data that is older than your retention period to an alternate filesystem

Additionally, there are now fail safes available to help you avoid filling up your disk and losing data. You can turn on an option which will permit visibility to delete older data within your retention period until the amount of free space you configure is available. This will prevent a degradation in Automate’s functionality caused by a full disk.

This new functionality is described at

We have also added documentation ( for best practices on connecting the Chef Server HA backend to send data into the system, and we have added the ability to disable the Kibana toolset for users who wish to do so.

Bug Fixes

A number of issues are resolved with this release, including:

  • Build node install now supports special characters in SSH password
  • Build node bootstrap provides faster feedback if SSH private key is invalid
  • Chef Automate now supports email address as username
  • Empty diff in workflow code review pane no longer shows previous file’s diff

We encourage you to upgrade often. As always, we welcome your feedback and invite you to contact us directly or participate in our feedback forum. Thanks for using Chef Automate!