Chef Automate v.1 v/s v.2

Is there any specific document where we can gather information about the differences between the two versions of chef automate.

I can tell you that Chef Automate V1 has Workflow where Chef Automate V2 does not.

There are many differences between Automate version 1 and 2. V2 has expanded features to include role-based access control, on-demand and scheduled scanning with Inspec (over 144 high quality compliance profiles), enhanced tagging and filtering, and workflow which is currently a beta feature. There are many more enhancements inflight. You may want to check out our site content which updated today:

Is there any architecture level difference between chef automate 1 and 2.

Or only the features and capabilities are changed.?

Automate v2 is rearchitected into a micro-services architecture enabled by Chef Habitat. This is important because one, it is a modernized app that takes advantages of micro-services APIs and enhances integrations for speed and flexibility; and two, it reinforces that we at Chef truly believe in our Habitat product as being the best way to build and deliver a modern application. The improvements make themselves apparent when you compare the ease of deployment with A2 versus the original deployment of Automate. If you would like more info please visit the Chef Blog that details the rollout of A2 . We also have an architectural document that you can dig into here: