Chef backup and restore documentation update

Hi All,
I am using backup configurations as per below and its working fine for me on chef-server-core-12.13.0.
# /etc/opscode/chef-server.rb

# the only supported strategy right now is 'tar'
backup['strategy'] = 'tar'
# defaults to /var/opt/chef-backups
backup['export_dir'] = '/directory/to/ship/tarballs/to'
# defaults to a unique directory in /tmp
backup['tmp_dir'] = '/temporary/directory/to/use/during/backup'
# defaults to true in 'tar' strategy
backup['always_dump_db'] = true
# defaults to 'offline' in 'tar' strategy.  This determines whether or not services are shut down during backup.  'online' should only be used if you don't care about consistency.
backup['mode'] = 'offline' 
# defaults to STDOUT
backup['logfile'] = '/path/to/log.txt'

However this backup/restore configuration is not reflecting in documentation.

I am finding it difficult to convince & show as proof officially backed by chef.

any pointers in this regards?

chef-server-ctl backup is the recommended way to take backups of Chef Server - here’s its section in the documentation:

There’s actually a documentation issue open to make it clear that this is the preferred way of taking backups ( A revision to make this clear will be going out soon.