Chef Base Plans to Core Plans Migration

What are we doing?

We are moving all the packages from chef-base-plans org to the core-plans repo as part of the initiative to create a mono repo for habitat packages.

Why are we doing it?

We have decided to move to a mono repo model for ease of maintaining that. We have close to 750+ habitat packages and it becomes difficult to maintain / upgrade them when they are managed individually in their own repo

What is the impact of this change?

There should be no impact to anyone who wants to contribute to any of the habitat packages. Core-plans is a public repo, and we would we reviewing and applying policies of a public repo as before.

How can I contribute?

Now we have all habitat packages in a mono-repo called core-plans. We can clone all the packages or a single folder from a repo to contribute to the packages.

How to clone a single folder(package)?

Please use sparse checkout and an example of the command is below:

$ git clone --quiet --no-checkout --sparse --depth 1 --no-tags --filter=blob:none

$ cd core-plans/

$ git sparse-checkout set

$ git checkout --quiet main

Now you will have a package name folder under core-plans folder.

The package folder contains all the plan files for supported platforms.

You can create a new branch, make changes, and submit a PR for contribution.

What is the process to archive base-plans?

We will be archiving the base-plans org and we will maintain read-only access to that as all the repos in that are public repo.

What if I have questions?

Please reach out in #chef-habitat or #core-plans-dev channel in community slack.

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