Idea: official community-plans repo

Please reply to propose/discuss any changes and I’ll do my best to re-incorporate


  • Create a 2nd-tier central place for sharing plans that are generalized and maintained, but don’t belong in core-plans
  • Make it easy for Habitat users to find ready-to-use plans for their own deployments
  • Make it easier for Habitat users developing their own plans to find a variety of quality reference points that go deeper into concrete cases
  • Make it easier for authors of reusable plans to make them available to the community
  • Relieve pressure to complicate core-plans and provide a path to improving plans with usability issues that are too risky to core-plans consumers to change

Proposed Implementation

  • Create a new Chef-owned repository at
  • Register a new origin named community and hook up to build everything in it
  • Require contributed plans be named in the form community/${pkg_name}-${pkg_variant} (e.g. community/php7-laravel, community/nginx-laravel)
  • Require contributed plans to start with a CODEOWNERS file listing at least one reviewer (i.e. the person contributing the plan)
  • Extend review/approve duties beyond Chef staff to include top community contributors
  • Apply same APACHE-2.0 license as core-plans

Heck yeah man. Sounds like a great idea to me.

I like it. This sounds very sensible!

This is a fantastic idea!

:+1: on exploring this idea further!

:heart: @chris I love this idea. This has something that has been back of mind for me for a long while now, thank you for taking the initiative to write this up. I'm going to bubble this up to our DevRel team and will speak to them in the new year about this topic.

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Great idea! I’ve been working on something similar in docs, but if plans are in a chef-owned repo and there’s a path for reviewing, accepting, and maintaining them, then that’s even better. We might even be able to create a some automation where we pull in the content of this repo into docs, making it discoverable by more than one path.

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@smacfarlane any impressions from the DevRel team yet?

@chris I ended up being out of the office for most of January and this fell off my radar for which I apologize. I spoke with @bennyvasquez today and this is something that we’re interested in. Before we commit to any course of action, we’d like to do a little research into related and past efforts so that we can approach this appropriately.

If this is something you’d still like to see, Benny or I will be in touch in the next couple weeks.

@smacfarlane it is! I attempted to register the community origin just last week, hope it’s Chef sitting on it

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@chris Yup, that's me sitting on it :grinning:

Hey @chris! This hasn’t yet gotten to the top of my list yet, but it’s definitely still on it! Ideally, I’ll be reaching out to you later this week. If you want to reach out before then, or have any questions at all, you can also find me on Slack as benny Vasquez.

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