Chef Client 12.14.60 Break stuff?

Maybe I missed something but chef client completely broke my chef-client runs this morning. User, yum and a few others.

I am using the latest cookbooks in the community. Anyone else seeing this?


We are aware of the yum issues(see Could you submit any other issues you are seeing. We definitely want to make sure we address any breaking scenarios. Thanks!

Perfect! thank you! I will do that.

oh perhaps captures the user problem you are seeing?

yup was just about to post that! Thanks!

Is there a way in the chef server that I can set a version level? We use knife/packer and since I can’t set it there (At least I haven’t found a way yet), I am kinda hosed on building out new systems today.

With knife, you can use --bootstrap-version to specify which version of chef to use

On your packer builds, you can override the ‘install_command’ to install from a specific channel or version

      "type": "chef-solo",
      "guest_os_type": "windows",
      "install_command": "powershell.exe -Command \". { iwr -useb } | iex; install -channel current\"",
      "cookbook_paths": ["cookbooks"],
      "run_list": []

Here is another example from cheeseplus

Perfect Thanks on the bootstrap-version completely forgot about that!

I am using chef-client for packer. checking if I can set it with that?

I got it! thanks!