Cookbook releases 5/16/13

Ohai Chefs,

We have a few more cookbook releases today. Also, we’re working on converting cookbooks that have “test kitchen 0.7.0” support to “test kitchen 1.0 (alpha)”. Mostly this is adding the .kitchen.yml and default suite. We’ll hopefully be able to flesh things out with actual tests soon :-).

ossec v1.0.4


  • [COOK-2740]: Use FQDN for a client name


  • [COOK-2739]: Upgrade OSSEC to version 2.7

sudo v2.1.2:


  • [COOK-2388]: Chef::ShellOut is deprecated, please use Mixlib::ShellOut
  • [COOK-2814]: Incorrect syntax in README example

yum v2.2.2:


  • [COOK-2946]: update tests, test kitchen support in yum cookbook


  • [COOK-2639]: Yum cookbook - epel - always assumes url is a mirror list
  • [COOK-2663]: Yum should allow metadata_expire setting in repo file
  • [COOK-2751]: Update yum.ius_release version to 1.0-11


I like your regular update emails, but I am subscribed to the cookbook
releases on the community website. Could the new cookbook version number be
included in those emails one way or another?

A link back to the cookbook community page would be welcome too. :slight_smile: