Chef-client 18 role not able to add

Hi all,

I am planning to go for chef client 18 and as part of the earlier code i can see the usage of knife command. But chef-client 18 does not have knife so i had planned this way

I have used the below command at boot time

chef-client -j /tmp/boot.json -c /etc/chef/client.rb

boot.json had the runlist

run_list: role[firstboot]

Assume i have 10 cookbooks when i ran them automated way i can see cookboooks fail due to below forbidden error 403.

I was under assumption and removed that cookbook from the role and executed it. again the same error.

But when i tried to run them on command prompt it was sucessfull(same above command).

Error is as below
Net::HTTPServerException: cookbook_file[] {cookbook name:: line 7) had an error: HTTPServerException: 403 "forbidden".

Can any one suggest me how to over come this error.