Chef-client manual install

Hello Chef Guru's,

I am new to Chef. We are running Chef Open Source and I am trying to bootstrap some clients which don't have access to internet. Manually installed client, and when I run chef-client, it's looking for validator.pem file. I searched it on the Chef server and I don't see that file.

Two questions.

  1. How do I generate validator.pem on Chef server ?
  2. Is their any other way to register the chef client ?

Appreciate your quick response

You dont need the validator pem if you have your pem for the server configured in your knife.rb or config.rb file. Do you have your user pem inside of your .chef directory?

If you have an http server or an artifact repository you can pull the chef client from there

Here is an example of bootstrapping a server that has no internet access

Thanks Larry. Let me test these options.