Chef-client manual installation on RHEL and linking it with chef server

Hi All.

could anyone share me the process of installing chef-client in RHEL virtual machine. I tried to use bootstrap from workstation, but its failing.
So help me to install it manually on the node and the required configuration needed to setup to connect to chef server.
I have already installed chef-server and a chef workstation .

Run these commands in chef-client these will help you.

sudo rpm -ivh chef-12.13.37-1.el7.ppc64.rpm

These commands are for red-Hat Linux-7

What all configuration setting do I need to do after this rpm installation ??

Most of the configurations will be done by Chef-client itself all you need to do is specify the server details along with the respective private key of server /etc/chef/client.rb

log_level :info
log_location STDOUT
chef_server_url '
validation_client_name 'validation client name’
validation_key ‘/etc/chef/validator.pem’

Apart from the above configuration you can also specify the node name and run sudo chef-client from the command line and the client will get automatically register to the server.

In your first message I found you tried to bootstrap the client but faced few issues would you mine letting me know what the issue is?

While doing bootstrap, the rpm is getting installed… But the client is not able to get registered with the server… I am getting http 403 errors

403 is "unauthorized" which in Chef land means you have a valid key for an account, but that account does not have the privileges required for what you want to do. A common reason it happens is when you are trying to recreate a node/client with the same name as an existing one using a validator key. If this is a common task for your development cycle, you might want to try the "validatorless" bootstrap, which uses your user level account to create things instead of the validator which has very restricted abilities. To do that, just delete the validator from your workstation (or move it somewhere knife can't find it).