Chef-client resource usage

I am trying to find more detailed documentation/information on chef-client resource usage/management. Areas I am interested are;

  • How to load test the chef-client.
  • The specifics of how running as a daemon limits resource usage. (I think I read this somewhere but maybe conflating the -f option below)

Has anyone been through a similar exercise ? and mind sharing any other good source of information or thoughts that I may have missed?

Daemon seems to fork by default so is this '-f' option still necessary when running the client as daemon?

" -f , --[no-]fork

Contain Chef Infra Client runs in a secondary process with dedicated RAM. When a Chef Infra Client run is complete, the RAM is returned to the master process. This option helps ensure that a Chef Infra Client uses a steady amount of RAM over time because the master process does not run recipes. This option also helps prevent memory leaks such as those that can be introduced by the code contained within a poorly designed cookbook. Use --no-fork to disable running Chef Infra Client in fork node. Default value: --fork .

Changed in Chef Client 12.0, unforked interval runs are no longer allowed."

Thanks in advance for any help.