Chef Delivery: No build nodes available

I am currently using using a simple pipeline with one build node. To speed up my investigation I am skipping many of the phase recipes using the skip_phases: [] hash in the config.json file. In the case I am writing about the only phase recipes running are publish and provision.

Publish runs successfully.

Provision in the Acceptance stage runs successfully.

Provision in the Union stage fails with a “no build nodes available” message.

I verified that the build_node still exists and even restarted it to see if that would cause it to become available. No luck.

What should I be looking at to figure why the build node is not available?


Hi Sweitz,

Thank you for your feedback! This is very interesting thing so I am going to ask you to provide two things, the .delivery/config.json of your project and the build-cookbook if you are not using delivery-truck.

If I can’t see something in there it would be a good idea to start a Zoom to share screens and see the longs of the Delivery Server when the job is dispatch. You can gather this information with the command delivery-ctl tail when the job is about to run.

I look forward to your response,
Salim Afiune

This issue has been resolved!

For the record, John, Christine and I met today to debug this issue and the summary of the problem was that the build-node some how got its run_list modified and Delivery couldn’t know that the node was actually a build-node. We didn’t get to the bottom of why it got modified but I would love to know it for sure. :slightly_smiling:

Thank you guys… You are awesome indeed!!


Thanks for your help. We have reset the build node run list multiple time today so we can keep moving forward. When we figure out why the run list was changed we will let you know.