Chef-DK 0.15.15 Released!

We are pleased to announce the 0.15.15 release of chef-dk. You can check out the changelog and the release notes where you can find the details of what’s inside.

In addition to whats mentioned specifically in the changelog, you will find the following updates to bundled applications and key gems:

  • Chef 12.11.18
  • opscode-pushy-client 2.0.2
  • Chef-Provisioning 1.8.0
  • Chef-Provisioning-aws 1.10.0
  • chef-provisioning-fog 0.19.0
  • fauxhai 3.5.0
  • inspec 0.26.0
  • kitchen-inspec 0.14.0
  • Test-Kitchen 1.10.0 - (Reboots and keeps on converging)

This build can be downloaded from the downloads site here.



This build now includes Delivery CLI on all supported systems. In the last release it was missing from Windows.

On Windows open the ChefDK Desktop shortcut or run chef shell-init powershell | Invoke-Expression in Powershell, then type delivery --help to see the different commands.