Chef DK 0.3.0 Can't upload roles?

Is this by design?

knife role from file roles/blah.rb
ERROR: The data in your request was invalid
Response: {“error”: “400 - Bad Request: Chef Client version between 10 and
11” required. Your version of Chef is 12.0.0.alpha.2."}

Also, why does Chef DK keeping coming with pre-release versions of chef
client components?

My Setup.
Chef Development Kit Version: 0.3.0
Chef: 12.0.0.alpha.2
Chef server is some version of 11 (I don’t know the exact version as its
managed by another team)

You are probably picking up /opt/chefdk/embedded/bin/knife first in
your path, which picks up chef-12 and not /opt/chefdk/bin/knife which
pins the version to 11.

The version checking that establishes an upper limit on chef versions
is a bug that is fixed in hosted and at least in chef-12 server.
Should probably be backported to 11 server, but the server team is
unlikely to have any time to do point releases of 11 while they’re
trying to finalize chef-12 server.