Chef Engineer position


(Hopefully this isn’t against the terms of the list…I looked but could
not find anything forbidding).
I would like to share a job posting we have for a position open at Rhapsody
in Seattle, WA.
We are looking for someone well versed in the ways of Chef and up for a
challenge of revamping a chef infrastructure and workflow for a medium
sized environment (and growing!). We’ve been using Chef for many years now,
but have never had the resources on the team to take it to the level of
excellence we’d like. We love Chef, but have limped along and created
ourselves a pretty hot mess in the process that we need someone to help
wrangle. Hopefully you are that person. We’re looking for someone who is
first and foremost a Chef guru, but also willing/able to contribute to some
general Systems Engineering/Admin work, and work with our Dev teams to
enlighten them in the ways of Chef. Please have a look at the job posting
and apply or contact me if you would like more information.

Rob Brown
Manager of Systems Engineering
Rhapsody International