Most of you probably haven’t heard from me at all for the past few months, and the remainder should be aware that I’ve been pretty cagey about where I was working.

Well, as of this week, I am free to tell you that I have completed working on a short-term contract to deliver the initial phase of a Continuous Integration system for a group inside the Retail division at of a Fortune 20 company headquartered in the Silicon Valley area.

Now that project is out of the way, I’d love to get back into doing a broader array of DevOps type work, especially working with Chef. However, for the past few months I’ve been kind of out-of-the-loop as to what companies are doing what work where, which ones are good to work for, travel, remote opportunities, etc…

So, is there anyone on this list who might be willing and able to help bring me up to speed on the current state of the field? Thanks!

Brad Knowles brad@shub-internet.org
LinkedIn Profile: http://tinyurl.com/y8kpxu