Chef: ERROR: IOError: closed stream

Hi Folks,
I am trying to setup SAS office analytics using chef on redhat machine. The problem is that the script that installs SAS components takes too much time like more than an hour. I run the cookbook recipe using knife bootstrap command. It runs for few minutes and then it throws closed stream error.
Following is the command that I am using to bootstrap.
knife bootstrap --ssh-user ec2-user -i sec.pem --bootstrap-version 12.4.3 --sudo -VVV --use-sudo-password --node-name aws1-node --run-list recipe['SAS::oa'] -y
Following are the last few lines of the output.
* execute[setup for sas] action run[2018-01-21T12:52:10-05:00] INFO: Processing execute[setup for sas] action run (SAS::oa line 72)
[2018-01-21T12:52:10-05:00] DEBUG: Providers for generic execute resource enabled on node include: [Chef::Provider::Execute]
[2018-01-21T12:52:10-05:00] DEBUG: Provider for action run on resource execute[setup for sas] is Chef::Provider::Execute
DEBUG: received packet nr 1872 type 94 len 28
INFO: channel_data: 0 2b
DEBUG: received packet nr 1873 type 94 len 60
INFO: channel_data: 0 40b
Preparing the SAS Deployment Wizard…
DEBUG: read 84 bytes
DEBUG: received packet nr 1874 type 94 len 60
INFO: channel_data: 0 40b
Launching the SAS Deployment Wizard…
DEBUG: read 0 bytes
ERROR: IOError: closed stream

Following the code block that got stuck.
#run install setup from response file
execute “setup for sas” do
user "root"
cwd "/home/sas"
command "su sas -c ‘bash /sas/sasdepot/SAS_Software_Depot/ -quiet -responsefile /sas/response_files/’"