Issue with reboot resource

I’m getting an IOError: stream closed with a reboot resource. It looks like the chef-client is waiting for background processes to finish but is cutoff by the reboot. I’ve tried both :reboot_now and :request_reboot with a 5 minute timer with no difference (besides 5 extra minutes).

Can anyone provide insight into what chef-client may be waiting for if it is waiting for anything? (I can provide more details, but experience has taught me avoiding the tl;dr is more important in a first post)

A few questions to start…

  • How are you running chef-client (service? task? cron?)
  • What platform are you on?
  • Where are you seeing that error? In the chef-client log?
  • Do you have any report or exception handlers?

This is what i use with no issues (chef-client runs and exits before the
reboot occurs)

reboot ‘reboot_host_1_min’ do
action :request_reboot
reason 'Need to reboot when the run completes successfully.'
delay_mins 1