Chef HA User Creation


I have followed the instructions for setting up Chef HA with 3 backend servers and single frontend here . The healthcheck is passing from the frontend and I can connect to postgresql database from frontend using the credentials generated on backend. However, I cannot seem to create any users for chef with chef-server-ctl user-create. I get an error

ERROR: Failed to authenticate to as pivotal with key /tmp/latovip20200518-26180-3lgik5 Response: Failed to authenticate as 'pivotal'. Ensure that your node_name and client key are correct.

When I look at the users table in the backend it is empty. It looks like the chef-server-ctl reconfigure is working from the frontend though. Any ideas on what I am missing? Do I need to create the first user manually?

Thanks for the help

If anyone else runs into this issue. I ran through the setup again and realized I had a problem with DNS pointing to the incorrect servers.