Can not create any user on the chef server

when i was running the below command
chef-server-ctl user-create chefadm Manoj Jain ‘ch3ft3st’ --filename /scratch/chefadm/chefadm.pem

I am getting below error:
ERROR: Failed to authenticate to as pivotal with key /tmp/latovip20180118-12305-t7aadc
Response: Failed to authenticate as ‘pivotal’. Ensure that your node_name and client key are correct.

chef-server-ctl status

run: nginx: (pid 10762) 1113s; run: log: (pid 11197) 3008s
run: oc_bifrost: (pid 10828) 1091s; run: log: (pid 11203) 3008s
run: oc_id: (pid 10905) 1091s; run: log: (pid 10758) 1113s
run: opscode-erchef: (pid 10996) 1090s; run: log: (pid 11199) 3008s

Please help me on above to resolve the issue.