Chef Habitat 1.6.521 Released!

We are announcing the release of Habitat 1.6.521. This release contains two important fixes:

  • Removes a potential deadlock in the main supervisor loop that can make a supervisor unresponsive to requests to load/unload or stop/start services. It may also prevent the supervisor from a clean shutdown and from gossiping service information to other peers.
  • Reverts a change introduced in 1.6.500 that added argument validation to hab sup run and intentionally failing the command if it included service specific arguments without providing a package identifier. This may result in supervisor auto update failures if the original hab sup run includes such args with no package identifier.

Especially due to the first bug mentioned above, we strongly recommend that customers skip updating to 1.6.513 in favor of this release.

Please read on for the changelog details.
Thanks for using Habitat!

1.6.521 (2022-06-03)

Merged Pull Requests

  • removing jemalloc and memory stats #8533 (mwrock)

  • Revert "Hab-sup-run arguments modified." #8532 (mwrock)

  • fix release yaml #8531 (mwrock)

  • set UPLOAD_AND_PROMOTE var in builds to force upload and promote in release_habitat pipeline #8530 (mwrock)

  • bump the jemalloc crates to fix hang in epoch advancement #8527 (mwrock)

  • fix clippy with refreshed packages #8529 (mwrock)

  • Remove Hugo and go versions from netlify config #8523 (IanMadd)

  • updated changelog for 1.6.513 #8521 (mwrock)