Chef Infra Client 16.16.7 Released!

We are delighted to announce the availability of version 16.16.7 of Chef Infra Client.

Compliance Phase Improvements

InSpec 4.46.13

InSpec has been updated from 4.41.20 to 4.46.13 with the following enhancements:

  • Added rocky and almalinux Linux distributions to service resource.
  • Added the ability to handle files without headers in the csv resource.
  • Added the option to establish connection using a UNIX socket in the postgres_session resource.
  • Fixed the opa_cli and opa_api resources so they are able to verify an empty result.


We are now shipping packages for the following new platforms:

  • Debian 11 amd64/arm64
  • Windows 11
  • Windows 2022
  • Ubuntu 16.04 (no longer EOL with vendor)


OpenSSL 1.0.2zb

OpenSSL has been updated from 1.0.2za to 1.0.2zb to resolve issues with Let's Encrypt certificates.


The cacerts bundle has been updated to the 2021-07-25 release which removes older expired root certificate and adds the following new root certiciates:

  • GlobalSign Root R46
  • GlobalSign Root E46
  • ANF Secure Server Root CA
  • Certum EC-384 CA
  • Certum Trusted Root CA

Get the Build

As always, you can download binaries directly from or by using the mixlib-install command-line utility:

$ mixlib-install download chef -v 16.16.7

Alternatively, you can install Chef Infra Client using one of the following command options:

# In Shell
$ curl | sudo bash -s -- -P chef -v 16.16.7
# In Windows Powershell
. { iwr -useb } | iex