Chef infra Client - opem source version

Hi.. grateful if someone could give some advice on chef infra client version.
I have been using the open source version for a number of years and in October last year downloaded version 18.3 from Chef Software Downloads | Automation, DevOps, Security, DevSecOps | Chef. However on trying to download the latest version, 18.2.7, it looks like this is now only available to enterprise customers.
The latest open source version is 14.15.6... but this would appear to be a backwards compatibility step from 18.3 that I was using.
Does anyone know what has happened here? Is 14.x the standard open source version I will need to use going forward now? Will my scripts built in 18.3 work on the 14.x open source version?
Any help/guidance is greatly received

15.x+ is under new Eula agreement that requires a paid subscription. 14.x and below are the last free versions that anyone could use. To use anything newer without a paid subscription then you'll either have to use CINC or wait for chef-client 19.x where we'll introduce a free license for personal use with limitations.

Hi Stromweld.. many thanks for your feedback. It looks like CINC could be the way to go for me at the moment.