Chef Infra Server 14.8.7 Released!

We are delighted to announce the availability of version 14.8.7 of Chef Infra Server.


PostgreSQL 13.3

The embedded PostgreSQL server used to store Chef Infra object data has been updated from 9.6.22 to 13.3. This update brings Chef Infra Server up to the very latest PostgreSQL release, with many years of significant improvements. PostgreSQL 13.3 improves reliability, reduces disk usage, improves performance, and is packed full of great new features. These improvements enhance the scalability of Chef Infra Server for very large installation sizes, and also enable us to deliver new functionality in the future.

How to Upgrade

As part of the upgrade to PostgreSQL 13.3, a database upgrade needs to be performed. This upgrade will be performed automatically when running chef-server-ctl upgrade, but we do suggest backing up the server first and performing a vacuum to reduce the data size. See our Chef Infra Server 14.8 Upgrade Documentation for details on the process and estimated timing.

Other Minor Updates

  • Improved help documentation and output for chef-server-ctl commands.
  • Fixed dead links in several error messages.
  • Expanded data collected with the chef-server-ctl gather-logs command to provide Chef Support with better troubleshooting information.

Get the Build

You can download binaries directly from