Chef Infra to Chef Habitat


I am trying to get some old chef cookbooks translated in shell scripts habitat:

My question, as chef infra has Attributes, recipes and metadata, etc.

How would someone get the logic on them to work and to what part on chef habitat?
Atributes to TOML file?
Recipers to Plan, hooks?

Unfortunately unless you’re moving the Chef Infra cookbook into an Effortless Config, there is no direct translation from a Chef Infra cookbook into a Habitat Plan.

A Habitat plan should be how you build and configure the software itself and then you should be installing whatever software you were installing via Chef Infra via Habitat and configuring the software via the Habitat Supervisor.

Thank you for your reply, I believe I understand now. Effortless Config would is not feasible as the complexity is too high in this cookbooks.