Chef InSpec 4.10.4 Released!

New Features

  • Structure Enhancement: The Habitat plugin now uses scaffolding, which allows users to follow current best practices.
    When you run inspec habitat profile create now, the templates will be sourced from the Habitat scaffolding for InSpec rather than the older unmaintained templates in Chef InSpec itself.


  • Finally!: Relative path support added for specifying a path to a profile in a Git repo. This means that you can organize multiple profiles into one git repo, and select an individual profile from any subdirectory in the git repo.
  • Simmer Down: inspec version no longer checks and reports against versions. The version check no longer talks on the network. This makes the version check much faster, less likely to cause a failure under CI, and also less surprising behavior.

Bug Fixes

  • More than One: The windows_task resource now handles multiple triggers.

Get the Build

You can download binaries directly from