Chef InSpec 4.24.28 Released!

Hello InSpec friends!
We are delighted to announce the availability of version 4.24.28 of Chef InSpec. This is primarily a hotfix release to correct a bug in the Windows release of 4.24.26. Changes include:


  • The --reporter-message-truncation option now also truncates the code_desc field. (#5372)

Bug Fixes

  • The documentation incorrectly stated that waivered controls will default to run:false when in fact they default to running. The documentation has been corrected and a test has been added. Thanks @dwmarshall! (#5370)
  • Chef InSpec 4.24.26 was released with a defect that caused every invocation to exit with an error mentioning the supermarket plugin and the ffi gem. This has been fixed by avoiding the 1.14.2 version of the ffi gem. (#5375)

Get the Build

You can download binaries directly from