Meeting Notes for Jan 7, 2021

Below are the meeting notes for this week's Community Meeting, a text-based meeting held weekly in #community-meetings on our community slack, which you can join:


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Up first, you might have noticed that is in read-only mode right now. We’re finally merging in the data from, which should be done in the next couple hours. will be going offline as soon as everything’s confirmed, and we can get the redirects in place.

I also wanted to call attention to this message from @Xorima . If you got a new laptop recently, it’s worth working on finding a good home for the old one.

This week’s releases

Chef Habitat

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Habitat got an update, too (including external contributions from sajjaphani ).

This release modifies the behavior around the Supervisor’s LOCK file. Take a look at the pull request to find out more details about that.

Chef Infra Client

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Chef infra client had a release a couple days ago, with all kinds of great work from both internal and external sources: https://t/chef-infra-client-16-9-16-released/18076

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Chef Infra Client 15.15.0 shipped as well. I had planned to post that today, but it's a bit hard with RO discourse That release includes several nice bugfixes backported from the 16 branch and resolves multiple CVEs

Chef Inspec

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Chef Inspec got an update to 4.24.26 just a couple days ago (including external contributions from @rgeissert and @kclinden !) One note from that update: macOS 10.13 is no longer a supported platform for Chef InSpec. You can check out the release notes here.

And 4.24.28 was released late last as a hotfix; 4.24.26 had a serious issue on Windows.

Chef Workstation

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And just yesterday Workstation had a release:

remember, if you haven’t moved to workstation yet, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Workstation replaces ChefDK, which went end of life last week:

Other releases

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Cookstyle got two updates to bring in new versions of Rubocop! We’re up to Rubocop 1.7.0 in Cookstyle 7.5.


Chef Infra Client

tas50 shared

  • Welcomed @mparadise as a new member to the Chef Infra Client team
  • Shipped 16.9 with the long awaited DNF work
  • *Began work cleaning up the yum_package resource to match the DNF cleanup work in 16.9*
  • Scoping of upcoming work for 2021 and Chef Infra Client 17

Chef Inspec

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The Chef InSpec Team is working on:

  • Several routine dependency updates
  • Modify --reporter-message-truncation to also trim the code_desc field for large reports
  • Investigate timeouts in the plugin installer unit tests on Windows; looks like webmock may be the culprit
  • Long-term looking into Ruby 3 support

Chef Workstation

mparadise shared

In addition to the release of Workstation that @tas50 published yesterday, this week has been seeing our newest team members ramping up their contributions, taking on several long-delayed usability improvements to chef-cli and other components of Workstation. Work has also continued on the new rollouts (policyfile deployment) tracking feature.

Sous Chefs

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Hello from Sous Chefs!

Here's the list of new releases in the past few weeks:

  • atlantis - 1.2.1: Update documentation with better Terragrunt command
  • consul - 4.3.1: Added the renamed parameters from consul 1.0.0
  • docker - 7.4.1: Fix the codeowners to use the correct group
  • docker - 7.5.0: Update to use docker-20.10 by default
  • docker - 7.6.0: Support for loki-docker driver logging plugin
  • elixir - 2.0.1: Cookstyle fixes
  • nodejs - 7.3.1: Cookstyle fixes and enable testing on OpenSUSE
  • openvpn - 5.2.0: Add support for Amazon Linux
  • passenger_apache2 - 4.0.1: Cookstyle fixes
  • pyenv - 3.4.1: Cookstyle fixes
  • rsyslog - 8.0.1: Cookstyle fixes
  • vagrant - 2.0.4: Cookstyle fixes

In addition the 29 additional cookbooks has been transferred over from chef-cookbooks:

  • apt
  • ark
  • aws
  • chef-splunk
  • chrony
  • cron
  • freebsd
  • homebrew
  • iis
  • iis_urlrewrite
  • logrotate
  • mcelog
  • motd-tail
  • nscd
  • ntp
  • openssh
  • powershell
  • resolver
  • sql_server
  • sssd_ldap
  • yum-amazon
  • yum-centos
  • yum-elrepo
  • yum-epel
  • yum-erlang_solutions
  • yum-fedora
  • yum-ius
  • yum-remi-chef
  • yum

It didn't stop there, we also also transferred the following 5 cookbooks over from windowschefcookbooks:

  • beyondcompare
  • notepadpp
  • resharper
  • seven_zip
  • visualstudio

Needless to say we're going to be busy getting those adopted into Sous Chefs and cleaned up. Here's a list currently open pull requests that have been recently updated that need some reviews.

Cinc Updates

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Hello from the Cinc Project!

Cinc Auditor

  • Released 4.24.26
  • Now include a native MacOS 11.0 (x86-64) package
  • We'll be releasing 4.24.28 later today

Cinc Client

  • Released 16.9.16
  • Now include a native MacOS 11.0 (x86-64) package
  • We'll be releasing 15.15.0 later today

Cinc Workstation

  • Released 21.1.222 via the unstable channel
  • Unfortunately, we were not able to build a native MacOS 11.0 (x86-64) package yet due to this issue

Other updates:

  • Thanks to the OSUOSL, our MacOS builds are much faster now with a new x86-64 MacMini that isn't from 2011
  • We now have a MacOS 11.0 builder working on Auditor, Client and Workstation
  • Improved and refactored our cached builds work for Auditor, Client and Workstation. Plan to do the same for Server eventually as well.
  • We'll soon have access to an M1 MacMini which will enable us to build projects for that platform once Chef has resolved all upstream issues.

I've started looking into the build issues with Workstation on Windows again starting with a better development environment for testing such issues. I plan on this in resulting in a new cookbook that we'll use for standardizing how we make our Linux, Windows and MacOS builders.

See you next week!

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