Chef InSpec 4.3.2 Released!

Hello InSpec Friends!
I'm pleased to announce the release of Chef InSpec 4.3.2, the first public release of Chef InSpec 4!

Numerous bugfixes and new features are in this release. Most prominently, we have the following 4 breaking changes:

  • The is release is the first to require accepting a license before using it. You may accept the license automatically by passing --chef-license accept or by creating a file at ~/.chef/accepted_licenses/inspec. Learn more at the FAQ.
  • Move the inspec executable to a separate gem, inspec-bin. This allows use of the inspec gem as a library without the licensing restrictions placed on the executable.
  • Switch from using the AWS SDK v2 to v3 for train-aws
  • Internal overhaul of the inputs (attributes) system, with slightly different precedence in rare cases

v4.3.2 (2019-04-30)

New Features


Bug Fixes

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