Chef Installation Documents Revamped



I have revamped and revised much of the getting started and
installation documentation. The biggest change is the main
installation page, where I pushed the Ubuntu/Debian specifics out to
new pages.

Installing with RubyGems - this page generically describes the process
to install RubyGems from source, add the Opscode gem source, and
install Chef and Ohai. It’s actually a metapage, there’s a “RubyGems
Instructions Excerpt” page that contains a hidden excerpt used by
several other pages so we have one source and can have DRY docs.

Configuring Chef Server and Clients - this page is where all the “chef
solo bootstrap” information lives now. It’s still relatively Ubuntu/
Debian and CentOS specific, but at least it isn’t on the main
Installation page confusing new users.

On the main installation page, there’s an Install Requirements section
that describes how to install Chef’s requirements on a per-platform
basis, including how to install Ruby or how to install Chef via
platform specific packages instead of RubyGems.

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