Chef kitchen via Dokken driver, connection refused

Hello all.

I hit one issue as below, my laptop environment is macOS Sierra,locally latest ChefDK installed. while initiating the kitchen via docker, it refuses ssh via kitchen login, any idea? Thanks in advance.

Qius-MacBook-Pro:kitchen jamson$ kitchen list
Instance Driver Provisioner Verifier Transport Last Action Last Error
default-ubuntu-1604 Dokken Dokken Inspec Ssh
Qius-MacBook-Pro:kitchen jamson$ kitchen create
-----> Starting Kitchen (v1.17.0)
-----> Creating …
Creating kitchen sandbox at /Users/jamson/.dokken/kitchen_sandbox/a08bed8b51-default-ubuntu-1604
Creating verifier sandbox at /Users/jamson/.dokken/verifier_sandbox/a08bed8b51-default-ubuntu-1604
Building work image…
Creating container a08bed8b51-default-ubuntu-1604
Finished creating (0m8.13s).
-----> Kitchen is finished. (0m9.69s)
Qius-MacBook-Pro:kitchen jamson$ kitchen login
ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused
Qius-MacBook-Pro:kitchen jamson$

Could you post your .kitchen.yml? Dokken should not be using SSH at all. Did you set driver, transport and provisioner to dokken in your .kitchen.yml (

You are absolutely right. previously the transport section is missed,which made it using ssh by default.
later, I added as follows, it works…Thank you.

name: dokken
chef_version: latest

name: dokken

name: dokken


- name: ubuntu-16.04

  • name: centos73
    image: centos:7.3.1611

name: inspec