Chef Manage - No cookbooks

I am trying to get Chef installed in stand-alone mode.

Since I can only upload 1 image I hope this is enough info.
It's on a test server, so I am not that concerned about wiping and starting fresh


Manage shows you the cookbooks that have been uploaded to the Chef server you setup. From the second picture, the knife cookbook list command also shows the cookbooks you have uploaded to your Chef server. Both are showing that you haven’t uploaded any cookbooks to your Chef server. So Manage is setup correctly, but you have no cookbooks uploaded to your Chef server.

The third command you ran, knife cookbook site (it’s actually a separate command from knife cookbook, which is a bit confusing), shows you cookbooks that are hosted on Supermarket, the public cookbook site. These are cookbooks you can download and use and are separate from any cookbooks you have on your Chef server. If you want to use these, you need to download them and then upload them to your Chef server.

Here are some docs to help clarify things:

Knife cookbook:
Knife cookbook site:
General Knife overview:
Link to Supermarket, the public cookbook site:

Hope that helps.

  • Mark Mzyk
    Chef Engineering Manager