[RESOLVED] Chef cookbook missing


Yesterday I’ve deleted a cookbook from a chef server manually with knife cookbook delete (all 2 versions of it).

I’ve modified the recipe thinking that when I commit, the jenkins job will be triggered and the upload will be done. After the modifications got to git and jenkins triggered the upload to local chef server, the output was saying that the cookbook have been created in chef server.
When I try to knife cookbook list | grep mycookbook there’s no cookbook with that name in my chef server.
I even got to knife upload . myself from the chef repo folder. The output is the same, cookbook is created. But the result is still nothing when I try to list my cookbook. Obviously, if i put my recipe to a node, the chef-client will shout that there is no cookbook with that name.

Any ideea what is going on, please?
Thank you,

Stupid question.

I should have verified the metadata.rb of the cookbook I was trying to upload. because I used the structure of an old cookbook (for some strange reason), the metadata.rb had the name of the old cookbook.

Hopefullty nobody else does this stupid mistake.