Chef_nginx cookbook 3.0 released

I’d like to announce the release of the chef_nginx 3.0 cookbook. What is chef_nginx exactly? Chef_nginx is a fork of the community nginx cookbook that Chef will be maintaining going forward. Since the initial fork we’ve made three releases. The first release (v2.8) merged many of the open PRs against the nginx community cookbook, and fixed blocking issues that prevented successful converges of both package and source install recipes. 2.9 introduced openSUSE support. 3.0 shipped today using Chef 12+ features to better manage the Ohai plugin and support systemd/upstart installs. With the 3.0 release out the door we plan to introduce custom resources for managing and installing nginx. Our goal is to allow for simpler wrapper cookbook design, while maintaining as much backwards compatibility between releases as possible.

Check the changelog for a complete list of changes in the 3.0, 2.9, and 2.8 releases: