Nginx cookbook 7.0 released!

Hey Everyone,

Great news! We have a new release of the nginx cookbook available on the Supermarket. Mike Fiedler was kind enough to transfer this cookbook to the Cookbook Engineering Team, which allowed us to merge back in work we’ve done on the chef_nginx cookbook. This new version includes all the changes that were made in the chef_nginx cookbook from 2.8 to 7.0, so take extra special care reading the changelog to understand the impact of the changes.

What should you expect with this new release?

  • Upstream package support by default. We now setup repos for the latest release of nginx every time
  • Compatibility with Chef 12/13 with all deprecation warnings resolved
  • A more native feel in nginx_site, which has been covnerted from a definition to a custom resource allowing for notifications and more.
  • Support for new modules such as HTTP2
  • Native init systems! Bluepill and Runit have been removed in favor sys-v/upstart/systemd
  • Support for Amazon Linux & Suse
  • Improved support for compiling nginx from source using the latest version of nginx and modules, although we highly recommend using the upstream repos instead
  • A massive list of bug fixes touching all facets of the cookbook from module installation, to compilation, to service restarts
  • Full integration testing on all major platforms in Travis CI to ensure we maintain a stable cookbook going forward

What does this mean for chef_nginx?

With the release of nginx 7.0 there’s no longer a need to maintain the chef_nginx fork. We’ll be making one more 7.0 release of chef_nginx and then we’ll focus our efforts on the nginx cookbook.