Chef node (Windows) fails communicate with Chef server (Linux)



Iam new to CHEF

I have “CHEF” server & Workstation on Ubuntu Linux, node from Windows
Windows node fails to communicate with Chef server (linux)


1, I have run the chef client manually in windows 2012 node
2, from workstation given an command

root@OOOOOOOO:~# knife winrm ‘XXXXXXXX’ ‘chef-service-manager -a install’ -m -x ‘Administrator’ -P ‘OOOOOOO’
XXXXXXXX Service ‘chef-client’ has successfully been installed.

3, If chef client is not installed in Windows node and give the knife winrm it fails
4, if chek the status

root@OOOOOOOO:~# knife winrm ‘XXXXXXXX’ ‘chef-service-manager -a status’ -m -x ‘Administrator’ -P ‘OOOOOOO’
XXXXXXXX State of chef-client service is: running

5, I guess some key authentication fails
Please let me know what or the key need to copy from Chef server, and which location need to copy in windows node

Please advice