Chef-provisioning-vsphere is now maintained by Chef Partners

I’ve heard a lot from our customers on using Chef and vSphere. Matt Wrock many moons ago wrote up chef-provisioning-vsphere, and it got a great adoption rate. History moves forward, and CenturyLink has moved onto other priorities.

Today, I was able to get the code under the with the blessing of the gem owner. This means we should start to be able to start moving towards decoupling chef-provisioning-vsphere and kitchen-vsphere, which will allow for a simpler use for VMware and Chef shops with only vCenter.

I should say this isn’t going to happen overnight, but we have eyes on this amazing integration, and look forward to our VMware and Chef community helping make it an amazing gem.

As a last side note, I’d like to mention that we have a pretty large community brewing of VMware and Chef users at the VMware{code} Slack team. If you’re willing to join another Slack team dedicated to VMware come and say hi, we’re located at #chef.

Thanks for your time!

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