Chef push-jobs server high CPU load


I have push-jobs server 1.1.6 running on CentOS 6.8 x86_64. I have 9 push-jobs clients currently added. The problem I can see is that when the push-jobs server is started it runs fine for a while(a day or 2) and then the push-jobs process starts showing high CPU usage in top:
17443 opscode 20 0 1739m 267m 4580 S 102.1 3.4 1505:56 /opt/opscode-push-jobs-server/embedded/service/opscode-pushy-server/erts- -K true -A 10 -P 262144 – -root /opt/opscode-push-jobs-server/embedded/service/opscode-pushy-server -progname opscode-pushy-server – -home /var/opt/opscode-pus

I checked all the logs and there’s no output in there. I can send commands to the clients and they do work. The only problem is that the high CPU load seems to be constant until I restart the push-jobs server.

Can someone please tell me the correct way to troubleshoot and debug this problem?

Thanks in advance