Chef-Rundeck 2.1.0 Released - Chef support Partial Search + Caching + Performance boost

Hey All,

New gem version of chef-rundeck released, includes Chef Partial search
support, caching with a perf boost!.

As some of the others have mentioned partial search is the way to go. We
have seen 80%-90% improvement in performance. In addition we have
introduced caching via a tmp file, this allows large chef node data not to
remain in memory and slow down responses. Sinatra also will now run in env
’production’ by default.

New CLI params:

  • –env (production/development) (default: production)
  • –partial-search (true/false) - Only supported when using Chef Server
    11 (default: false)
  • –timeout (cache timeout in seconds) (default: 30)

PR Info

Special thanks to pcross616 for this one.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Brian Scott
Twitter: @brainscott