Hey everybody,

We're big fans of Chef and RunDeck at work. Adam wrote a dirt-simple
Sinatra app that runs Chef searches and turns the results into a
RunDeck-consumable resource model.

A few people have hacked this over the last year or so and the project's
fragmented a bit. Adam's got a lot of other stuff to do and has just
graciously agreed to hand over ownership of the GitHub repo for it to Brian
Scott and myself. We intend to give the chef-rundeck project some
long-overdue TLC, get it into Travis, plow through the pull request backlog
and generally make it fancy.

I thought I would mention this on the Chef list and encourage anyone who's
forked the project to get in touch with us via the chef-rundeck repo on
GitHub and maybe send your improvements upstream.

The repo is now here:

(We put it under an organization so that the project was no longer tied to
a specific person's account and so that we can easily add/remove
maintainers -- it does not represent an official endorsement or statement
of support by any person or corporate entity ...)

Thanks, and I hope to see you at ChefConf!