Chef-runner 0.7.0 (Test Kitchen support and more)


I'm pleased to announce that chef-runner 0.7.0 is now available.

Full changelog and pre-built binaries:


  • Add ability to provision Test Kitchen instances that are reachable
    over SSH. For this, specify the name of a running instance using -K
    (or --kitchen).


  • Use run list from JSON file if it contains the run_list attribute.
    Recipes passed on the command line will still override this list, and
    recipes/default.rb is still the default. (Thanks to @arosenhagen who
    requested this feature.)

  • Strip all non-cookbook files after resolving dependencies. This
    ensures that only essential cookbook files are copied to target
    machines, further saving time.

  • Report overall duration when chef-runner is done.

  • Extend script/build to auto-generate chef-runner's Homebrew
    formula when building a new release with --release.

  • Extend script/coverage to push test coverage statistics from
    Travis CI to


PS: If you're new to chef-runner, this quick start guide is for you: