Chef-runner v0.6.0

Ohai Chefs!

chef-runner v0.6.0 is out!


  • Add ability to install Chef before provisioning. This allows you to,
    for example, provision bare servers that have nothing installed but
    the base operating system. For this, use the new -i option (or

  • Add support for Berkshelf v3 in addition to v2. (Thanks to
    @arosenhagen for the original pull request!)

  • Re-add long option names like --host and --json-attributes.
    Those were removed when porting chef-runner to Go (v0.2.0).

  • Re-add ability to install chef-runner via Homebrew.


  • Add Quick Start guide to README.

  • Only prepend bundle exec to Ruby commands if Bundler is actually
    installed. A Gemfile alone is no longer enough.

  • Add basic Godoc documentation to all parts of the source code. As a
    result, golint no longer reports any coding style issues.

  • Run golint style checks on Travis CI.


  • Change default output format of Chef from null to doc. The
    former is the default used by Vagrant, while the latter is the actual
    default of Chef Solo.