Chef Server 12.15.6 Released

Ohai Chefs!

Chef Server 12.15.6 is now available for download[1]. This release corrects a regression introduced to the Identity service in 12.15.0. This regression caused two issues for any linked Supermarket server:

  1. Supermarket profiles could no longer be managed (500 error)
  2. Supermarket could no longer be published to.

It also prevented key reset requests from working in the Identity console, causing it to respond with a 0-byte key. The previous key was not replaced in the process.

After the upgrade is complete, anyone logged in to Supermarket may need to log out and back in to restore publishing and profile management.

Please see the changelog [2] and release notes[3] for further details.


The version header is incorrect in the tagged release notes - it repeats “12.15.5”. The topmost entry should be “12.15.6”.