Chef Server, Automate and Inspec Infrastructure Best Practices


We are currently looking at setting up an entire chef environment from scratch and are wondering if there are any best practices, gotcha or pitfalls that other users have encountered or wish they did differently from the start.

I’m planning on having the following servers:

  • Chef server: installed with chef-server-core and push jobs 1.x.
  • Chef Automate server: Installed with Delivery
  • Chef Inspec: installed with the package or via a chef cookbook. Not sure the best method yet.
  • 3 Chef Build Nodes. Installed from the Chef Automate Server.

One quick question I have from looking at the documentation, is that they are suggesting setting up two different organisations, what’s the rational for keeping these separate? Could I have just one?

Any tips or suggestions you have to make our process as smooth as possible will be greatly appreciated!