Chef-server-ctl user-create issue

I am testing chef and encountered some issues.
Could someone help?


Kevin SZ


chef-server-ctl user-create admin Chef Admin xxxxxx

ERROR: The object you are looking for could not be found

404 Not Found

Not Found

The requested URL /users/ was not found on this server.

The issue has been solved by

#ln -s /var/opt/opscode /var/opt/chef-server

Hi Kevin,

You’ve symlinked the Open Source Chef 11 chef-server-ctl to the Chef Server 12 chef-server-ctl (actually, you’ve symlinked the root install directories that contain the command to be precise). You must have installed Chef Server 12 on a system that previously had Chef Server 11 on it and never removed Chef Server 11, which for some reason is being found first in your path (I’d expect Chef Server 12 to be first).

/var/opt/opscode is Chef Server 12 (the use of opscode in the path is legacy from Enterprise Chef, which Chef Server 12 is based on)

/var/opt/chef-server is Open Source Chef 11.

You should be able to uninstall the Chef Server 11 package from your system and ensure your path is clean and be okay. Or you can just leave it, if all is working, but this way you know what is going on. If you uninstall the package, just make sure you uninstall the correct one and don’t fat finger it and blow Chef Server 12 away.

  • Mark Mzyk
    Engineering Manager, Chef

Make sure the chef-server-setup port is the same as the pivotal port

curl -D - http://localhost:8000/_status | grep "200 OK"

if u get it success response

sudo nano /etc/opscode/pivtoal.rb

change chef_server_url “