Chef test-kitchen, kitchen-docker, and RHEL8

Hi All,
I have a RHEL7 test kitchen server with the official RHEL7 docker packages, and kitchen-docker. It works great.

I'm trying to build out a similar RHEL8 server, but now RedHat uses podman. There are no docker packages. So I installed docker-ce, but RHEL subscription-manager is an issue.

HTTP error (422 - Unprocessable Entity): The DMI UUID of this host matches other registered hosts:

Has anyone gotten this type of environment to work? And how?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Mike, have you looked at ways to override the DMI UUID to overcome the subscription-manager error?

I had not found any super-useful google hits, but haven't had a chance to look in depth either. My immediate concerns were having to change my Chef code to suit testing under these conditions, as well as orphaned containers registered as host objects in Satellite. I did try the RedHat support route, but they immediately came back with "unsupported", and suggested Podman. I have not even tried to see if I could alias podman as docker and trick kitchen-docker into working. Seems far-fetched, but in the absence of any other alternatives, I may give that a look.

Yeah - podman is not going to work here. So does anyone have a solution for kitchen testing on RHEL8? In any capacity?

Since you say "any capacity"...yes, you can use the vagrant driver and spin up a RHEL 8 VM (uses VirtualBox by default).

I use kitchen with vagrant/virtualbox for all my kitchen testing, works perfectly.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll start investigating that path.