Chef upgrade 11 to 12

Hello Chefs,

I have an environment with chef 11 Open source running. Now iam planning to upgrade to 12 open source.
Are they any specific changes with respect to cookbook writing in chef 11 to chef 12

Please let me know if you need any more details on this


There were a few big changes made between Chef 11 and Chef 12 that may impact your cookbooks. A good first read is the release notes for Chef 12 that outline some of the attribute changes that were made:

There’s also a foodcritic tag ‘chef12’ which can be used to evaluate your cookbooks. The main thing that will show is cookbooks that don’t define their name in the metadata. Here’s some docs on using Foodcritic with specific tags.

I hope that gets your rolling in the right direction.


And the good news is that it was fully backward compatible with version 11

thanks simark,

This helps me.thank you very much