Foodcritic 11.2 release

Hey Everyone

Foodcritic 11.2 has been released to Rubygems with new functionality for testing Chef 13 compatibility as well as custom resources. As usual we’ll pull this release in with the next ChefDK release. Here’s what’s new:

  • Added metadata for Chef 13.1 and made this the default. This means that FC009 will now alert on cookbooks using code that has been removed in Chef 13.
  • Added FC091: Use property not attribute in custom resources.
  • Added FC092: Custom resources should not define actions.
  • Removed metadata for Chef 12.6, 12.7, and 12.8. This only impacts users specifically setting these metadata versions via the command line.
  • Disabled the opensource tag by default to simply use of Foodcritic for non-community cookbook developers. At the time of writing this only includes FC078. To enable it again: foodcritic -t any .
  • Added a Dockerfile for running Foodcritic in Docker.