Chef vault create - taking long time for 3k nodes



We have chef server with 3000+ nodes with it, while I am trying to create vault for them it's taking long time. . any workaround for same.

Suraj B. Zinjad.
DevOps Engg.


What is the command that you execute?


Hi Simark,

I am using below command to create vault.

time sudo knife vault create vault_name item_name --json /tmp/item.json --search ':' --mode client

[chef@chef-workstation ]$ knife status | wc -l
Output : 5017



I have tried the following command for 1000 nodes and it finished in ~10 seconds

knife vault create deleteme deleteme '{"username": "root", "password": "mypassword"}' --search '*:*' --mode client


It's taking long time for me, is any another work around for same ?



The performance depends on your servers resources:

and also the chef-server configuration:


Thanks Simark.

I will check related things and let you know thanks for your help.


I getting below error when I create chef vault ( I have 5670 nodes)

[chef@chef-workstation ~]$ time knife vault create removeme removeme '{"username": "root", "password": "mypassword"}' --search ':' --mode client

ERROR: Request Entity Too Large
Response: JSON must be no more than 1000000 bytes.
real 2m25.753s
user 1m11.261s
sys 0m5.682s
[chef@chef-workstation ~]$