Chef Workstation 21.5.462 Released!

We are delighted to announce the availability of version 21.5.462 of Chef Workstation.

Updated Tools

Chef Infra Client 17.1

Chef Infra Client has been updated from 17.0 to 17.1. This new release includes improvements to the Chef Infra Client Compliance Phase, Unified Mode improvements, and updates to many built-in resources. See the Chef Infra Client 17.1 Release Notes for details on new functionality.

Chef InSpec 4.37.20

Chef InSpec has been updated from 4.36.4 to 4.37.20 with the following bug fixes and improvements:


  • Added support for zfs_pool and zfs_dataset resources on Linux.
  • Improved port resource performance: adding more specific search while using ss command.
  • A new inspec automate command replaces the inspec compliance command, which is now deprecated. This command also fully validates credentials before storing them to disk.

Bug Fixes

  • The file resource more_permissive_than matcher returns nil instead of throwing an exception when the file does not exist.
  • The http resource response body is now coerced into UTF-8.
  • Fixed an error when using profile dependencies and require_controls.
  • Fixed the windows_firewall_rule resource when it failed to validate more than one rule.
  • Modified the windows_feature resource to indicate if a feature is enabled rather than just available.
  • inspec detect --no-color returns color-free output

Chef Habitat 1.6.319

The Chef Habitat CLI has been updated from 1.6.288 to 1.6.319 with performance and stability improvements.

Chef CLI 5.1

The Chef CLI has been updated to 5.1. This new release includes a new --yaml flag for the chef generate cookbook command to generate example YAML Chef Infra cookbooks.

Knife 17.2

The Knife CLI has been updated from 17.0 to 17.2, which includes several fixes for failures running knife commands.

Cookstyle 7.13

Cookstyle has been updated from 7.10 to 7.13 with the following improvements:

  • Cookstyle now targets Ruby 2.5 or later allowing Cookstyle to simplify some complex codebases to use new Ruby functionality.
  • A new Chef/Deprecations/HWRPWithoutUnifiedTrue cop detects custom resources that do not set unified_mode true. These resources will produce deprecation warnings in Chef Infra Client 17.0 or later as the Unified Mode will become the default in Chef Infra Client 18 (April 2022). Setting unified_mode true in custom resources today allows you to ensure they will continue to function as expected in future Chef Infra Client releases.
  • Fixed false positives in the Chef/Modernize/WindowsRegistryUAC resource.
  • Improved how we exclude vendor and files directories so that Cookstyle can run in cookbooks contained in directories named vendor or files.
  • Updated the RuboCop engine used by Cookstyle to 1.15 with a significant number of detection and autocorrection improvements.


TLS 1.3 Support on macOS

macOS builds of Chef Workstation now ship with OpenSSL 1.1.1, which enables TLS 1.3 communication with Chef services.

Known Issues

Chef Workstation 21.5.420 introduced a regression causing failures when running some knife commands. We are currently working towards a fix for this issue which we hope to ship in the next release of Chef Workstation. If you encounter failures running knife commands, please install Chef Workstation 21.4.365

Get the Build

If you are running the Chef Workstation toolbar application you can download this version from the menu after the app next update check. You can also download binaries directly from

As always, we welcome your feedback and invite you to contact us directly or share your email. Thanks for using Chef Workstation!